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Janice J. Kim


Janice J. Kim is a contractor for the Conversational Biometrics team, assisting in the development of voice biometrics software. Her work includes testing, profiling and enhancing the core engine for the future productization of research into speaker verification and identification software.

Janice received a B.S. degree in Computer Science and Enginering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2002. After graduating from MIT, Janice worked as an engineer for SECOM Co., Ltd. Intelligent Systems Laboratory in Tokyo, Japan, as a participant in the MIT-Japan Program. At SECOM, she designed and ran simulations of HMM-based speaker verification for comparison with a propriety system. After returning to the U.S., she worked as a Testing Analyst and Web Developer for Accenture on a contract with the Department of Education. Janice is currently a Software Engineer for the Conversational Biometrics Group, Human Language Technology Department at the Thomas J. Watson IBM Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY.

Contact Information:
Janice J. Kim
Human Language Technologies
Thomas J. Watson Research Center
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Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 U.S.A.
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